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Are you looking for a high quality jewelry piece to finish off your outfits this summer? Or maybe you are into handcrafted jewelry and looking for something really unique? Then why not check out White Finches Jewelry?

Minimalism is on Trend

Minimalist fashion is big in 2021, and White Finches jewelry definitely fits in with this modern trend. The motto is: Keep it simple! This means streamlined clothing, monochrome and stylish but simple pieces. White Finches jewelry can offer you the perfect accessory for a minimalist wardrobe. Let’s take a look at the business and some of their most popular collections.

White Finches Jewelry

White Finches jewelry is a Singapore based jewelry company that specializes in artisan made unique pieces. The company was founded by a minimalist jewelry lover who wanted to develop collections that sparked joy and positivity. They now boast several collections of handcrafted and curated necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.

Simple yet elegant, many of the collections include a pop of colour or semi-precious stones. Each individual piece has its own story to tell. One of their best-sellers is this pair of gorgeous geometric Lapis Lazuli earrings – so sophisticated in style. Lapis Lazuli is one of the most popular semi-precious stones.

If you’re not based in Singapore, worry not! White Finches ship to many countries worldwide including the UK and USA. Their jewelry is surprisingly good value, so you can look stunning without breaking the bank. 

Artisan Made

What makes White Finches special is that many of their pieces are artisan made and the company supports many local and international jewelry artists.

Today, we spoke to Ann – a White Finches artisan who loves to make hand made jewelry using stones and wires. Through her years of experience, Ann has developed the skills to work with a number of different wires and carefully select the stones that complement her pieces well. The result is beautiful hand crafted jewelry with clean lines and natural stones or pearls.

One of the most popular artisan made pair of earrings is this pair of ‘Crazy Lace Agate Earrings’. Crazy Lace Agate is so called because the patterns in the stone resemble lace. These stick earrings are beautifully designed to look elegant and go perfectly with evening wear.

Curated Collections

 White Finches has several beautifully curated collections. This means that various pieces from different artists and jewelry makers are brought together into one stunning collection where the individual pieces complement each other and go together well.


The White Finches Curated collection has a geometric feel to it with semi-circle, triangular and hexagonal designs. They are beautifully finished with some of the most popular semi-precious stones including Rose Quartz, Aquamarine and Hematite.If you are a fan of pearl, there are plenty of unique pieces for you. As well as pearl earrings, the curated collection also contains a beautiful pearl hairclip which is perfect for weddings and special events.

Perhaps you are looking for something more ethnic or tribal? These Liberty hoops are a true conversation starter. They contain the colour of the Ugandan National flag!

If you like the sound of some of these collections, then why not head over to White Finches website?

 If you have any thoughts or questions on this beautiful hand made jewelry, please feel free to comment on our blog.

 Have a wonderful summer!

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