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Welcome to HBB Go Where!

We are here to support and promote your Home-Based Business!

HBB Go Where is a website designed to help you as a business owner to promote your products. Running a home-based business or online business is becoming increasingly popular in the current climate.

We wanted to create a space where small business owners, artisans and entrepreneurs could promote their businesses online. The result was a website that is a thriving community and a place where creative minds and entrepresneur can share what they do.

Our website operates on a not-for-profit basis – we don’t make money from promoting businesses. We are here to build a community and support each other. This is simply a creative space where entrepreneurs can be valued and promoted online.

Who we Work with:

HBB Go Where works with a variety of businesses who have products and services in many areas such as Home Living, Pet, Crafts and Food. Here are the main topics that we feature and write about:

  • Food
  • Home & Living
  • Pets
  • Beauty
  • Crafted Jewelry
  • Craftwork
  • Fashion and Apparel
  • Babies and Children
  • Gifts
  • Photography
  • Services

For Shoppers

Hand made gifts and purchases are so much more personalised and meaningful. If you love to purchase hand made gifts and support local businesses then you will love our HBB Go Where Community. Perhaps you want to order from home bakers in Singapore? Or find a set of hand made gifts or greetings cards? You can find the best products here and even review the makers on our site. Happy shopping!

Passionate about Crafts and Promoting Artisans

Here at HBB Go Where, we are particularly passionate about crafts and enjoy promoting local and international artists. For example, we have recently worked with Singapore based White Finches Jewelry company to promote their stunning minimalist jewelry pieces that feature semi-precious stones.

Other business that we love to promote include home bakers, florists, card makers and indeed anyone who has a business selling their hand made crafts.

Big Foodies!

We are big foodies and love to try specialty recipes including Indian Muslim delights and Japanese and Korean cuisine. On our blog, we love promoting cake makers and home bakers.  If you have a home baking business that you would like to promote, drop us a line!

Fashionable and On Trend

Here at HBB Go Where we love fashion and keeping up with current trends. Following seasonal fashion ideas and connecting with new designers is always on our agenda. We also love to support online fashion retailers by sharing information about their businesses. We can certainly help you garner free online exposure if you run your own fashion business.

Reviewing Services

Many of the articles that we feature on our website are reviews of businesses that offer services. We have helped many service-based businesses promote themselves; these include photographers, nutritionists and even pet transport companies! Run a service-based business such as a home spa? Maybe we can review!

FREE Business Promotion

We are currently promoting our favourite businesses on HBB Go Where for FREE! So if you have a business or product that you would like to promote, why not get in touch? You can either send us an article about your business, or you can ask us to write one for you.

What you will get:

  • A free guest post
  • A do-follow backlink
  • The opportunity to share your website and social media channels

Contact Us

Want to work with us? Drop a message and we will see how we can help you. You can contact us here.

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