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Craving for some cheesy delicacies and creamy buns, then Cecelia’s sweet bakes is the perfect place for you to celebrate the auspicious moments in your life. Cecelia’s sweet bakes welcome you to commemorate your happiness and joy with their dainty Filipino cuisines. These delicious items can make you feel delighted with every bite of their special buns and thoughtful recipes. 

Satisfy your cravings with some lip-smacking and heartwarming appetizers to enjoy the little moments in life.

These delectable dishes can turn any mundane day into a delightful one in just a few bites.

Tempting desserts at Cecelia’s Sweet Bakes

The yummiest dishes at Cecelia’s Sweet Bakes that can take your heart away are as follows:

Ube Ensaymada with flavorsome Purple Ube Jam

This unique and luscious Ube Ensaymada is highly buttery. The Ube Ensaymada is perfect for all cheese lovers that crave some cream-based sweets. This appetizing dish is a mix of freshly baked bread, tons of butter, and a layer of grated cheese on top. The most exciting part of this delicious Filipino cuisine is its Ube jam that makes the bun all the way more flavourful. These soft and smooth buns have a generous amount of Ube jam fillings on the inside of the bun.

This Filipino Cuisine is the perfect breakfast that you can ever have. You can also have these buns as a side dish with some delightful cakes from Cecelia’s sweet bakes.


You can smell the fresh cheese as soon as you open the box of Ube Ensaymada buns. This rich  Filipino cuisine is highly famous for its velvety texture. The size and the shape of the bread also add up to their popularity.

The Ube Ensaymada of Cecelia’s sweet bakes is delish, fluffy, and fresh. A hot cup of coffee and a few of these Classic buns can fill your stomach for a few hours. These buns taste a bit sweet and creamlike because of the butter and cheese included in them.


These Ube Ensaymada can be eaten as a morning snack or as a late afternoon snack. Its butterlike texture makes it filling enough for being eaten as an early lunch as well.

Full-flavored Ube Purple Jam

This Ube Jam is another mouth-tingling recipe that is incredibly exciting and popular for its richness and texture. The rich and smooth taste of the Jam can fulfill your cravings as well as make you fall in love with it. This Ube jam is one of the most exciting items at Cecelia’s sweet bakes that makes me order it repeatedly.

The heavenly taste of Ube feels succulent with soft and fluffy bread, which results in a moreish experience for every customer.

The palatable taste of this Purple Ube jam resembles the taste of local Singapore coconut Jam Kaya. Similar to Kaya, the Ube jam also has a lighter flavor of coconut in the chunks of Ube.


Mesmerized by the palatable taste of Ube Ensaymada and Ube Jam, I am enticed to try their Classic Pandesal and Ube Kaya Pandesal.

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