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Celebrate your joyous occasions in life with Cakes Rekindled SG and its dainty cheesecake delights. Experience the smooth and buttery taste of appetizing cheesecakes and enjoy your little moments in life with your loved ones. These cheesecakes are filled with various delish flavours, and their creamy texture makes them a perfect treat for your taste buds.

If you are also craving some sweet treats that can make your heart happy, then the answer is Cakes Rekindled SG’s Cheesecakes.

Relive your memorable moments with your family and friends on the bridge of delicious cheesecakes in various flavours.

For you, we have ranked our favourite delights that can be perfect for you to rekindle your bonds.

Rejoice Cheesecakes Menu:

I have ranked some of my favourite cheesecakes in this review.


Number 1 Choice: Yuzu Cheesecake

This refreshing cheesecake is a blend of creamy and crispy textures that can make you relive all your memorable days. Its delicious flavour of real yuzu bits makes it even more surprising and lip-smacking. The crisp texture of the crust complements the baked cheesecake and makes it a perfect afternoon delight. Yuzu cheesecake is an ideal treat for all the food lovers who like to treat their taste buds with citrusy flavours. The citrusy and delectable taste of yuzu in the cheesecake can be an excellent treat for your taste buds any day.

Yuzu Cheesecake

Number 2: When moody try Berries White Wine Cheesecake

Another palatable treat at Cakes Rekindled is the most flavoursome and dainty cheesecake out of all. This one is a mix of sweet and sour flavoured berries with white wine that can make you relive your childhood memories again. It also includes a surprising taste of mint that leaves a refreshing and cooling taste at the end.

The creamy and buttery texture of the cheesecake covered with bits of berries makes it look mouth-watering and delicious. Berries white wine is a perfect treat for all berry lovers with a tempting flavour of white wine.


Berries White Wine

Number 3: Craving chocolate? Bailey’s Dream Cheesecake

This one is an appetizing treat for all the chocolate lovers in town. This cheesecake is fully covered with delectable chocolate with a hint of sweet syrup on top of it. It has a smooth and creamy texture that makes it look finger-licking good. Bailey’s Dream is a full-flavoured treat for all sweet lovers with the crust of dark chocolate and a smooth layer of light chocolate on the top. With the first bite of Bailey’s dream cheesecake, you will taste a creamy, chocolate flavour gradually, followed by a tingling alcohol taste at the end. Bailey’s dream is a perfect mix of chocolate and the bittersweet flavour of alcohol. The light and bittersweet taste of alcohol make it pleasant and surprising at the same time.

Bailey's Dream

Number 4: When looking for a new experience: Black Sesame

Black sesame cheesecake is a mouth-watering delight to rekindle your bonds with yourself. It is a blend of a moderate amount of sesame taste in the beginning and a nutty flavoured taste afterwards.

This delectable cheesecake is a fusion of oriental and western flavours to experience a luscious taste throughout. This no bake cheesecake brings a creamy and flavorful taste of various ingredients with a surprise of nutty flavoured bites. It is a perfect combination of black sesame and sweet syrup that complements the richness of this cake.

Black Sesame

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